Transportation isn’t something we often take note of, except in those times when we wish to complain about it. Yet it is something that both literally and figuratively connects all but the most reclusive of hermits. Watch the local news in the biggest city or the smallest town and you will notice that it is dominated by transportation issues. From subway advisories, to potholes, traffic fatalities, road closures, flight delays, and smog warnings- one cannot escape the world of transportation but to stand motionless, indefinitely. At any rate, it is an area in which I hold rather strong opinions, perhaps cultivated by my hometown where there were essentially two ways to get around: drive or be driven.

However, transportation is not the only issue about which I am passionate. Amateur philosophical musings and political observations, among other rantings and ravings, will surely grace the pixels of this page. At this point, I have no intentions of regularly updating this site, but will rather write whenever the passion to do so consumes me. Anyways, thank you for reading; you may now continue to mindlessly browse the internet!